Bloganuary #30

What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

I think my “autobiography” would be very boring to read in a book form and no one would want to read it, but I guess if I ever wanted to write an autobiography these might be some of the chapter titles – but I’d be looking for a good editor to come up with much more “punchy” versions! With this number of chapters it would be a Long Book, which would also put people off unless my editor was keen on redacting huge portions of it. Maybe it could be split into a series of boring books.

  1. The only child
  2. Nursery schools
  3. Going Private
  4. “Big” school
  5. Singing competitions & I’m an ‘actress’
  6. “Brownies” and “Blueies”
  7. Moving across the estuary
  8. Playing in the cul-de-sac
  9. Netball coached by a Welsh rugby player
  10. Weekends away
  11. Saying goodbye to friends
  12. “Really big” & final school
  13. Science & Maths is great!
  14. Sports are great too!
  15. Exams & Expectations
  16. University selection
  17. Living it posh in London
  18. Moving to Leicester
  19. Amateur Dramatics & Musicals
  20. Living in the ‘Red Light’ district
  21. Engineering
  22. Moving to Peterborough
  23. Netball and Basketball fun
  24. Changing careers
  25. Back to London (still the posh parts)
  26. Temporary accommodation in Bristol
  27. Buying our first house in Swindon
  28. London – Swindon – Bristol
  29. More exams!
  30. Changing jobs & European travel
  31. Making it to the top!
  32. First time in the USA
  33. Health becomes an issue
  34. Invisible & invincible
  35. Advantages of a wheelchair
  36. Going it alone

Then lots of blank pages ready for the next instalment …




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