Bloganuary #24

How do you show love?

As it this “challenge” wasn’t hard enough, but I have found the last few prompts very hard. However, I am determined to post something every day.

So why is this prompt so difficult for me? On a personal level, I have never been one for overt shows of affection. I try to show empathy with those around me, but I know that I am very difficult to love. If I’m honest, I wouldn’t love myself!

I try to show strength and am quite willing to stand up for people who are less able to do so than myself. Actually, I am more able to describe why I don’t like certain people and why I choose to avoid them – BUT showing love is much more difficult for me.

In order to be able to write something on this topic, I have decided to approach it from a more theoretical standpoint i.e. how do people in general “show love”. Well it definitely takes a bit of give-and-take and you have to be willing to fail sometimes, which is definitely something that I am not good at. I think you have to be a good listener (something else I tend to fall down on) and you have to be willing not to be to judgemental (something that I am good at).

Now I will keep this post short because it is very late and I am not really in the mood to discuss ‘what love is’. I hate all the kisses and love hearts it’s just not me. You can judge me as hard and uncaring, but I don’t think that is true – I just have a very low-key sense of love. It’s probably why I don’t find things like death, severe illness and writing wills to be a difficult task and I can be quite pragmatic about it all.

When I get the time, I will read through some of the other people’s posts on this challenge. Maybe they will help me get a better grip on “love”.







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