Bloganuary #16

Do you have a memory that’s linked to a smell?

I am afraid that this post is going to be quite short for two reasons: 1. Unlike lots of people my memory that’s linked to a smell is not pleasant! Whilst others seem to have written about perfumes or the smell of the seaside, the smell that most brings back a memory to me is when I was working as a consultant engineer at sewage works. The smell was awful, so much so that at one particularly large sewage works on the outskirts of London I became unable to eat or drink anything that was either washed in water or made with water. Tea and salad were both off the menu for years! 2. It’s rather late and so I don’t have time to write much tonight.

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Probably best for all of us!



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2 responses to “Bloganuary #16”

  1. Kathleen Howell Avatar

    Oh, that would be a rough job!


    1. Debra Smith Avatar

      The job was actually very interesting – just put me off eating anything from the on-site canteen!

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