Bloganuary #15

What fear have you conquered?

I’m sure that there are many over my lifetime, but the one that first came to mind was leaving home at age 18 and moving to Leicester to start my Engineering sponsorship. It was effectively my first “real” job in industry, I was meeting new people (including the only girl also being sponsored by a different part of the company, having a completely different background to myself) and my accommodation had been organised by my sponsorship company with a lady who lived alone in a nearby village on the outskirts of the city. The girl who had been paired with me had attended “Felixstowe Ladies College”, was extremely posh and had a very high opinion of herself. Yet I found her to be totally impractical (she couldn’t even light a gas stove) and I found her very dismissive of people whom she felt were less well educated than herself.

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However, this ended up as being one of the most exciting periods of my life and opened up all sorts of new possibilities and interests. Because I am very extrovert and generally used to having lots of friends, I set about joining various groups of people from a local drama group to an adult netball club. Looking back I realise that this was an important period in my life and I continued with different drama groups and netball teams every time I moved from Leicester – London – Peterborough – London (again).

A group of women on a netball team chat together before a game. They all are wearing sports bibs.

(Selfish version of Bloganuary#13 – “If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it?” – Seek out the best treatments available to ‘cure’ my MS.)



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