Bloganuary #8

How far back in your family tree can you go?

Another short one for me as the answer is “not very far”! Although, to be honest I have not really been tempted to explore. With a surname like “SMITH”, that’s not really much of a surprise.

My interest really only goes back to my grandmothers’ surnames on both my mother and father’s side of the family, but that’s as far as it goes. On my father’s side of the family my grandmothers maiden name was “CHAPMAN”, but that is also not so interesting. However, on my mother’s side of the family is the family name “ORWELL”, which is slightly more interesting as much of my extended family on that side of my family have all come from and still do (largely) live in and around Nottingham, UK beside the river Orwell.

So genealogy has never really interested me that much.







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