Bloganuary #5

What brings you joy in life?

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If we’re talking about everyday, then I have to say that reading and books are the things that bring me the most joy. I didn’t really like reading much until about the age of 10, but then one school holiday I spent all the time in my room just reading all the classics that my mother had in the bookshelves from her childhood. From then on I have just loved to read all sorts of books from lots of genres including those for studying. I used to have shelves just overflowing with books and I like the look, feel & all the imagery therein. Unfortunately, I no longer have the manual dexterity to read physical books (although I still do like to look at bookshelves full of books) and now use an e-reader to get my fix of stories.

However, when the weather is nice I love nothing more than to be outside in nature and particularly walking and/or wheeling around our nearest Arboretum surrounded by trees. When we can’t get to the Arboretum or similar parks – I make do with sitting in our garden surrounded by greenery and eating a lovely ice cream. Not a bad choice really.



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