Bloganuary #4

What is a treasure that’s been lost?

People of diverse experiences and opinions being able to converse in a civilised manner without recourse to arguing and/or skewing every point of view into extreme hyperbole.

I also think that my experience as a child being able to go off on my own and/or with friends just exploring & playing games together outside (often quite a way from home) is no longer the norm – which is a shame.







6 responses to “Bloganuary #4”

  1. Jewish Young Professional "JYP" Avatar

    Totally agree with you about that first one


  2. Meeshell J Avatar
    Meeshell J

    Oh my goodness. Yes to both. But the childhood one is definitely lost. I wonder though has it recently been lost or were we just blissfully ignorant ?


    1. Debra Smith Avatar

      You may be right about the “blissfully ignorant” view of my childhood regret. I don’t have any children, so maybe I am too harsh in my comment that this childhood freedom has been lost. Perhaps there are some parents who still encourage such independence, but I fear that they too often would receive harsh judgement if anything happened to their child.

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  3. issababycreates Avatar

    Yes, to both. Times have definitely changed.

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  4. Debra Smith Avatar

    Everyone always seems to think that things were much better when they were younger and I definitely don’t want to get placed in this box, but I do appreciate the amount of freedom and experiences that I was allowed to enjoy from a very young age.

    However – Times seem to be moving at such a pace now and not always for the better. We can but live in hope! One of my biggest regrets is the mess that we seem to be leaving for the next generation to clean up, but I am hopeful that they will be successful.


  5. Erica Robbin Avatar

    I think there is much to be gleaned from this. I wrote a short story Lost Treasure in response to this challenge and was thinking how much children’s lives have changed, and life in general. There are pockets here and there, my family is one of them who values playing outside, lots of imagination, activities I treasured growing up and it’s lovely to see them enjoy it. Great post!


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