2022 – Regular Blog (FAIL!)

OK, so my start-up post on 3 January 2022 where I was thinking about a schedule to which I could manage a regular blog post was a little overambitious! However, just to test whether I could write a blog regularly, I did take part in the WordPress bloganuary challenge to write a post everyday during the month of January in response to an e-mail “prompt”. I have to say that I am pretty chuffed, because I managed it everyday except for 2 days towards the end of January when I posted the day after the e-mail “prompt” and I did 2 blog posts on the same day .

Some other ‘excuses’:
1. I contacted my local MS Therapy Centre and started my “Technogym” sessions again to practice standing at the parallel bars. At the same time we also booked for wheelchair Yoga again (and I payed my annual membership fee)
2. I did a couple of CPD webinars & organised the Zoom video meeting for the voluntary committee of my professional institute (CIPA)
3. I also held a couple of videoconferences with some new & old clients and actually did a bit of professional work
4. I started to investigate transferring my business bank account to an alternative Bank, prompted by my looking to grow my business by working with some larger colleagues
5. I also subscribed to the on-line video recordings of “Celtic Connections” in Glasgow – which was great by the way!
6. A little late in the day, I started to play the “hit” word game – WORDLE – after being pointed in its direction by my partner



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