In Memoriam

Michaela (Brown)

This photograph is cut from a larger image taken at our 30-year school reunion lunch, so I apologise for the poor quality. (For more detailed information see my previous blog “bibbysmith” – “30-year school reunion”

Quite an unusual start to my new blog, but the memory of Michaela Brown (as she was known by me when at school – I think her married name was Michaela KELLY) is a worthy subject to start.

I didn’t know Michaela well when we were at school, but I do remember that we were in the 6th form together and that she did art subjects whilst I did sciences. The “30-year school reunion” was the time when we all caught up with each other and what we had been doing. Michaela was a very happy person and I remember that she had married and I think had children (not sure on this). Her life seemed idyllic and she had visited loads of places on cruises with her husband. As the date on my previous blog post is September 2015 we would have all been in our 40s at the time.

It therefore came as a really huge shock to hear that she was the first of my friends who had died (at 50 I think) from cancer. Apparently, she and husband had to cut short the cruise that they were on because she suddenly felt quite sick. Upon seeking medical advice she was told that she had severe pancreatic cancer and barely a couple of months later she died. Although I was shocked, her family and friends were understandably completely devastated including her long-term best friend Jas (Jasbinder), who is sitting next to her in my original post.

However, I don’t want to dilute this post and so it should rightly be a tribute to Michaela, who was a lovely person that died too young.






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