2022 – Starting Afresh

I’ve been thinking for a while about setting up a new blog to record my thoughts, fun things I have done, aspirations for the future & the odd memory from the past. So why will this be a NEW blog? Well for one I am going to write on a regular schedule – Daily (no way!), Weekly (a good goal!), Monthly (too much to keep to a single theme). OK, weekly it is … and I think that I should probably try to schedule a regular day, which at the moment I think will be Sunday (but we’ll have to see which day works out best so that may change to the day that is easiest for me to keep up a regular schedule).

T Rex with a mint diet

So this post is just for introduction and to make it a bit more colourful, I’ve added a first picture – one of the Lego creatures from my dinosaur Christmas present. So hello everybody, welcome to 2022 and my 1st admission to being a Lego fan from a very early age – well I must be really as I asked for Lego as my main present even though past my half-century. Lego has appeared as one of my regular requests for Christmas since as long as I can really remember and many fun mini sets always used to appear every year in my Christmas stocking.






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